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M105 Priority Tip Up Seat

M105 Priority Tip Up Seat

Quantum Seating decided in early 2019 to enhance its current seat range with the introduction of the M105 Priority Tip Up Seat. Having received numerous requests to re-trim competitor seats, Quantum Seating developed the M105 seat in just six months from concept to series production, complementing the current range of regional seats. The M105 utilised the in-house development team, conducting detailed design, structural analysis and design for manufacture resulting in a folding seat, 11.5kg in weight fully assembled. The seat, being modular in design, can be adapted to suit existing car body geometry. 

The M105 provides a flexible, lightweight, space efficient option for priority seating areas.  The seat utilises the same combination of fire compliant composite materials and can be tailored to incorporate operator/corporate branding and priority seat labelling.
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